My Sister and Me Part 3

My Sister and Me.. Part 3

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In the last year, my sister and I , now both in our mid-thirties have
from time to time crossed the treshold of having sexual encounters with
each other. Growing up as teenagers my sister Caroline’s would make
many subtle sexual advances toward me. I ruled them out as being my
sisters growth into sexuality and never persude those advances. Those
advances would include ; spending time over my place to sun by the
pool, she always wore a sexy and small two-piece bikini. She would
always ask for me to rub suntan lotion on her back and legs. During
showers she would always leave the bathroom door slightly open, just
enough to tempt me, knowing her tight body is naked just behind that
shower door. After her showers she would always walk around in her
panties and bra while fixing her hair and make-up. Countless times, she
would accidently brush up against me with her ass or nice perky “c” cup
tits. At times, when my line of vision was such, my sister would bend
forward to slightly expose me her nice cleavage, just for me to view.
Although her sexual excapades though innocent and appealing, I never
crossed that line. Approximately twelve years had past, since those
innocent teenage sexual teasing days. Since then, however, after ending
our own separate relationships, we crossed that line and have had sex
with each other many times over the past year. The first time came when
I had to help my sister move into her current apartment in San

After a long day and night moving my sister, she decided to take a long
warm bath to ease her sore body,eventually leading to our first sexual
experience in the bathtub. We since have had sexual encounters each
others places, on a hiking trail( Part II), gone out on dates in other
cities as “boyfriend and girlfriend” and even weekend trips. Lately my
sister has been getting more and more into role playing with our sexual
encounters. Late this past week my sister called and wanted me to spend
the upcoming weekend with her in her San Francisco apartment. While
catching up with each other on our lives, work, and daily chit-chat,
she mentioned a long time friend from her past Chris, had moved back in
the area for the past two months and had been spending time with each
other as “good friends” . I had knew of Chris in past conversations
with my sister, however never personally meet him . Conversation got
back to this weekend and we were both very excited to see each other. I
mentioned I would leave after work ended on Friday and see her later
that Friday night. Friday after getting off work , I began to pack some
things for the weekend. From our past encounters, I knew I was in store
for a long weekend of love making with my sister. I could invision my
sister with her short blonde hair, piercing green eyes, and light milky
smooth skin. Those perky “c” cup tits with mouth watering gumdrop
shaped nipples. Thinking about her very athletic body, tight ass and
long defined legs a result of her teen years as an ice skater, I was
already hard and I was only packing for the weekend. I drove the 30
minutes into San Francisco and as usual spent time driving around for a
parking spot. I finally found a spot about 2 1/2 blocks from her
apartment. I was walking briskly up /down the hills towards her place.
I called her from my cell phone and told her I arrived and would be up
in a few minutes. She told to just ring the bell and she would buzz me
up. I could hear a faint voice in the background and my sister asked to
me if I had my key. We each swapped keys to each others places ever
since are encounters started. I had arrived at her apartment and was
buzzed in. I walked up the four flights of stairs to her door. While
reaching in my pocket for the key, I again could her slight faint sighs
and voices from my sister’s apartment. I opened the door went inside
announced myself, ” Hello Caroline”. “In the bedroom 18″, my sister
replied. I then heard a male voice say” Who’s 18?”. As I turned the
corner and looked into my sister’s bedroom. There she was naked on the
bed except for her bra, spread eagle with another guy. My sister
nonchalantly said, ” hey 18 “.

I was startled as was the guy. I said I’ll come back later and my
sister interrupted me and introduced us. ” 18,This is my long time
friend Chris and Chris this is my best friend 18″. Taken a back , I’m
not used to seeing my sister with a naked guy and fucking each other at
that. My sister suprised me further and said, ” Chris the more the
merrier right?, we have no secrets”. With that my sister invited me
into the bedroom. I noticed the familar look on Chris’ face, I totally
recognized the face of enjoying sex with Caroline. My sister asked if
we would be willing to both fuck her, to fulfill a long time fantasy of
hers. Chris didn’t object and got back to sliding his cock into my
sister’s pussy. I still alittle shocked, walked over to the head of my
sisters bed. I thought to myself, my sister’s a little devil, once
again role playing. I was still a little shocked and my sister reached
over and pulled me to the edge of the bed. She began unzipping my pants
and sliding them down my leg. She looked in directly in my eyes and
winked. I took of my underwear and shirt and was watching my sister
squirm on the bed as Chris was working her pussy. She told Chris to
change positions and guided me to the bed. I was sitting on her bed ,
my back against the head board. My sister got on all fours exposing her
ass toward Chris at the footboard. Chris grabbed her ass and started to
put his cock ih her pussy. My sister wasted no time and began to slowly
stroke my cock. My dick was hard in no time and she started to suck my
cock. Not long we were all moaning in delight, my sister humming with
my cock in her mouth and another in her wet pussy. It didn’t take long
for me to forget about Chris . My sister is a pro at working a cock
with her mouth. She uses various tongue techniques and sucking action,
as well as expert pacing. While the three of us were exalting in
pleasure, Chris was banging my sister harder and harder. I could hear
Chris thighs slapping up against my sister’s ass. My sister then
stopped sucking my cock and told Chris to slow down that she wanted
this experience to last a while. My sister then leaned back to her
knees turned around toward the foot of the bed and Chris. I could see a
glimpse of her now wet dripping pussy from behind . She wanted to suck
both of our cocks . She instructed us to stand side by side at the foot
of the bed. I stood next to Chris , my sister now sitting between us on
the edge of the bed. With her mouth at cock level reached out and began
taking turns slowly messaging our cocks.

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I reached out and began touching her right breast and playing with that

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