Lusting for My Sister Jenna

I drove home around six that Friday and I saw Jenna’s car parked in front of my apartment. She had a key to my place and she visited regularly. She was watching a talk show as I walked in.

“Hey Brad, I got us pizza, beer and some of your cinnamon buns, hope you hadn’t prepared anything else for tonight.”


I lived alone since my wife had left, a year ago now. As fate would have it, Jenna had lost her husband in a car accident barely a month after my wife moved out so Sis and I had suddenly found ourselves alone, the only remaining members of our family. She lived in a house she now owned outright, fairly close to where I lived and, as we both lived alone, we simply started getting together for dinner and movies on weekends. As I owned a huge digital TV, we soon decided we preferred enjoying our meals and movies at my place.

Jenna had known I would be home that Friday evening as I had no one new in my life since the breakup with my wife. My sister and I got along fine, even if we had not been close before her husband’s death.

“Thanks, sis, that’s great.”

She stood and we rubbed cheeks as she made her way to the kitchen. I asked her to get dinner started while I showered and the meal was ready when I came back. We sat on the couch and watched a sitcom as we ate.

Jenna and I were our parents’ only children. I’m almost thirty years old, light brown hair, not quite six foot tall but fairly muscular and in good shape as I exercise regularly. Jenna is a brunette, twenty-seven, five foot five and rather pretty. She had been very popular with the boys before she and Tom started seeing each other, and they had married when she was twenty-four. They would have loved children but, unfortunately, my sister never got pregnant.

On that particular evening, something special happened. Jenna and I watched a movie about a man and a woman, strangers who had just met by pure chance and who had begun a sexual relationship almost right away. It turned out they had both been without sex partners for some months and they just fell in each other’s arms after talking about their mutual predicament over dinner at a restaurant.

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As I watched the movie, I began thinking about Jenna’s and my own situation. My seven-year marriage had not been a success but sex with my wife had always worked out fine for both of us. Getting married had probably been a mistake, as we did not have much in common. As I had yet to start looking for someone new since my wife had left, the lack of sex was killing me and I masturbated almost every evening, using internet porn and magazines as stimulants.

The movie got me wondering about Jenna and her own sexual needs. As she and I had never discussed our intimate lives, I had no idea of her needs or if she had sexual longings like me. Before that day, I had never seriously thought of Jenna as a possible sex partner but I was getting so desperate for a fuck that, after seeing that movie, I could not avoid thinking about Jenna in a sexual context. The idea of incest sprang immediately to my mind and this time, instead of dismissing it as I had always done before if I happened to look at my sister’s body with more than passing interest, I found myself glancing at her covertly, even as a guilty feeling was overcoming me. She was sitting next to me, so close I could smell her usual perfume. Her white top draped nicely over her breasts and her short blue skirt was riding at mid-thigh over her bare legs and feet. Her dark brown hair almost reached her shoulders and it curled out and upward from there gracefully. I realized with a pang that, for the first time, I was looking at my sister with a frankly sexual appreciation. My cock hardened and I had to shift my position in order to hide this development from her. Yikes! She was watching the movie’s end credits, seemingly unaware of my newfound interest. I suppose I should have kept quiet but I just couldn’t stop myself.

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“I can relate to these two. I can’t say I particularly miss having a girlfriend but the lack of sex is killing me. How about you?”

Jenna turned to me, clearly startled, her face slowly turning red.

“Just what do you have in mind, Brad?”

She seemed flustered and I realized my question had not been exactly tactful.

“Well, I haven’t had sex since Carol left and it’s driving me bonkers, I just wondered if you were having a hard time of it too, that’s what. You’ve been alone for months too, like me… Well, for my part, I’m getting fed up having to masturbate all the time, I mean, I so need a woman’s touching me it’s driving me up a wall.”

Jenna was looking at me with a strange look in her eyes.

“You can’t expect me to help, Brad, you’re my brother. You’d better not start thinking of me for sex, I hate to even think about what you’re suggesting. Where did that come from?”

My sister appeared almost in tears and I realized I had seriously blundered.

“Sorry girl, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me. Please excuse me, there was no good reason to say what I said, it won’t happen again, ever.”

Suddenly ashamed, I reached for Jenna. For a moment, I thought she would draw away from me but she remained as she was and let me put my arms around her and I rested my head against hers. Our parents had died some years ago, we were alone now and I was ready to do anything to avoid spoiling the great relationship I had with my kid sister.

“There, there, don’t worry, I’ll never say things like this to you again, I made a mistake and didn’t think things through, I was a fool to imagine you’d respond to my stupid feelings and, you know, it’s the first time, really, that I’ve seriously thought about you in that way.”

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Jenna nuzzled her nose against my neck and I tightened my arms around her in response.

“I don’t know what came over me, I think the story in that movie got me thinking things. About my needs and, as I watched the film, I got the idea in my head that you must probably feel the same I do. Guys seem to have needs all the time and girls less so, maybe that’s why, but I won’t make the same mistake again, please forget what I tried with you just now.”

Jenna raised her head and kissed my cheek.

“It’s okay, Brad, I understand. I forgive you, what happened, happened, that’s all, we’ll just have to stop thinking about it, forget it’s ever happened.”

She kissed me again then drew away from me and stretched her arms, yawning.

“Will you put me up for the night?”

Jenna had slept over several times in the past, even if her house was not far away. We found comfort in being together and I was glad that she had asked to stay the night. We had to smooth things over and this being Friday evening, we did not have to work the next day so it was kind of natural to have her around for the whole weekend.

Jenna did not wait for my permission, sure it would be granted. She got up, stretched again and walked toward the second bedroom, the one she always used. Reaching it, she turned around and came to me. I got up and opened my arms. She pressed against me, got up on her toes and kissed my lips briefly.

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