Forest wild tour

Hi people this is visu, I am a 21 year old man,having normal body,I am an adventurist, in vacation I usually went to take the documentary of different tribes near I got vacation, I sololy went to the forest for hiking and conducting documentary on local tribes,as an hiker I used to carry minimal objects with me like a pair of clothes,a tent,emergency medicines,cookary items,vedio camera and a knife for the self I started my journey in the forest( name is not a matter), I hiked for about a half a day to reach out a lake,as I saw the footsteps of some animals which are not harmful,I tried to relax and take a bath to get relief from sweat.

As I got a pair of clothes I removed all clothes and entered the lake and swam around for some time,as I am deepdiving in water I heard something coming near the lake,so I hurried to reach my belongings as I am getting near the shore I got surrounded by tribal people,the tribe where ppl dress naturally like with leaves and animal fur,as they surrounded me I am panicked and wanting to reach my knife but after checking spears in their hands I felt like its of no use,as guided me to their place as nude as I am,and one person all my I have been taken to their colony,ppl are glaring at my nude body and I started to check how the people live in all the children are nude where as adults are dressing naturally.I am fearing whether they are the man eaters but to my luck ,a person barged towards me and greeted in known language as got relieved.where as all the other ppl are speaking some foreign language.he enquired me about my wear abouts and I told him how I got stuck there and my purpose of visit there,as listening to this he explained to head of the tribe about me in their language.and after long talking all the ppl relaxed and started to treat me properly ,and as their conversation finished he told me that u need to follow some rules to survive here as for that I nodded.his name is “osho”.

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Osho: hey kid I am a merchant here.I used to sell the animal skin and other forest resources in the nearby village.and get some necessities like iron for weapon.
Me: oh,its glad to meet you sir.
Osho:ok don’t worry ppl are really good here.
Me:I believe things will get better from now sir.
Osho: listen kid as u are visitor to our tribe u nee to stay here for a week and adopt our civilation and keep the things about our and resources secret to outside world.they will only release u once they believe you.
Me: how will they believe me.
Osho: based on your behaviour in the stay.
Me : ok I will behave at my best.
Osho: I told u,our culture is natural living.u need to follow that ,which means no modern items in daily life.mainly u should not use ur camera.

They have allocated a hut to u .u need to stay there and do what they told for ur survival.once they believe you u were given ur items.

Me: ok sir,but I am naked ,is this how I need to live here.
Osho: are u virgin.
Me:yes sir,y asking that now.
Osho: as one of our culture rules virgin should not wear clothes till he lost virginity except covering his manhood with coconut leaves.and same goes for woman too.
Me: but I feel to shy as some of the females are already watching me soo hungryly,as my dick is so thick and long of 6 inches as semierect of watching the bodies of woman.
Osho: don’t worry ,here the rule is simple,a man can fuck a girl and her mother.if the man involved in sexual activity with other than them he will be punished.

By knowing this I feel for the starter I have given a wooden plate for eating and the dry coconut leaves to cover my manhood.osho told me what things I need to for living like collecting food,sticks for fire,sporting honey combs etc near the tribal place and always a kid of 14 years will assist me,so I wont escape.and I need to rest a night in the hut allotted to me with kids.

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As I started my routine,as I am doing my work a lady started to glare at me with different looks ,as I can say that her looks meant for something adult,as I enquired about her with osho ,he told me that she is the chiefs wife.okay I need to tell u about my body so that u can understand y she is interested in I am a football player I got good physic but not as shaped as body builder,but my manhood is thicker and longer compared to normal I need to tell u about that lady,her name is “kiku” she is in her mid 30’s she looks damn hot with the shape of 34-29-34.

And well exercised body.and the woman along with her are also looking better but she is something else.but as the ppl left for their routine ,I was guided for my work as the whole day I collected the fire wood at the evening I got the food which is animal meat roasted along with nuts and fruit salad.I ate it is awesome and they guide me my hut.where the bed is made of leaves and smoke is put to relieve the bugs and insects.and for my bath they took me to the I dipped amd came I slept for some time ,I heard a small girl crying near the hut,so with curiosity I went near her and enquired what happened to my surprise she didnt spoke but showed the spot and feel pain ,the spot she shown is her guts as I cometo know she got puberty ,as the pain is common.I took her near and console her and as I am consoling her a group of woman saw that and came near and enquired her child told her condition as knowing that they gathered all the seeing this nothing comes to my clear suspense osho came along with some men.he explained that,in there culture usually a girl attains puberty the first male person will take her virginity.usually girls father get the chance as the girls always stays near her.but to my luck I touched the girl before her as per their rules I need to take her virginity and make her woman by fucking her for about 6 days.I asked osho do I need to marry her as I took her virginity.he said no need,once the girl becomes woman she got a choice to take her decision to marry the one she loves and who impresses listening this I got relaxed .

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Also osho told one more thing that I need to fuck her for 6 days without doing anything else as fucking her more makes her stronger woman.
As things settled and I went into the hut and kids in my hut got shifted to some where time passed. A lady entered the hut ,I confused to see “kiku” the tribe leaders wife.

Then I come to know she is the mother of she explained me in signs that as I am virgin she will take my virginity and accompany me and her daughter during our sex drive to make sure her daughter is she entered she brought the goat milk.and her daughter brought honey in one pot.and asked me to drink goat milk and get ready as they took ofc their natural clothes and started to apply honey all over their body as they believe honey is only safest product and antibiotic and they started becoming nude kiku looks like a sex goddess to me.with huge tits swinging and her body is shining like gold in the lamp light of the she done with applying she instructed her daughter to seat at a corner to watch the she came near me she asked me to take of the cover of my manhood as I am literally nude.I does the same ,then she applied honey on my manhood and on my face and asked me taste some honey to start the act.

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