Family Pictures with Mom

My mother was wearing a bikini by the backyard pool. She laid on a lounge chair with the sun shining down on her body. It was unusual, because mom rarely goes sunbathing, much less uses the pool. Now, for the last month, she’s by the pool every weekend. Proud to show her body and large breasts.

She’s a scientist, by the way, that works in a laboratory and is involved with different projects relating to the human body and mind. We’re both tech geeks, so once in a while she tries to explain her work to me.


While I was eating breakfast in the dining room, I noticed mom putting on her robe before coming back inside the house. There was a calm, yet tense look on her face. She reached in her pocket and handed me cash when she got inside.

“Here’s a $100,” she said, handing me the money. “Treat yourself, invite a friend to the mall, buy lunch, and maybe a new video game if you want.”

I couldn’t remember the last time my mother randomly gave me cash. Especially since I graduated from college last year and got a part-time job, earning my own money. She seemed adamant that I take it.

“You’re giving me free money? You must be in a really good mood.”

She nodded. “I’m in a fantastic mood and I want the house to myself. Put it that way.”

Her smile was friendly, but oddly deceptive. Lately, whenever she was home alone, things were often rearranged in the living room. A part of me wondered if she had a new exercise routine, that maybe she does yoga or aerobics and has to move furniture around, but she’s never mentioned it.

There was more clarity to the situation when I saw her in the kitchen before heading to work the next day. She was wearing a typical blouse and office pants as she drank coffee.

“Have you ever heard of a Neurolink?” she asked, taking a sip of the beverage.

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“Does it have something to do with brain function?”

“Correct. We’re working on a device that can help control brain functions, designed to help people with phobias and inner-struggles. Sounds cool, right? Technically this research is supposed to be a company secret, but I felt you should know.”

There was a smile on her face, and for good reason. She was always proud of her accomplishments and they meant everything to her. For this, I had the feeling that there was something more.

“That’s awesome,” I replied. “Do you have any phobias of your own? I mean, have you tested it out or something?”

It was my subtle way of seeing if this was the reason she’d been acting strange. She caught on to my question, as she always does. By the look on her face, she wanted to be coy, yet truthful about her experience.

“You might notice some changes in my behavior. Nothing drastic, but enough to make small improvements. I’m a perfectionist, after all. And you’re right, we’ve been doing extensive testing in the lab and I’ve run tests on myself. Don’t worry, it’s totally safe and it could possibly make us rich.”

She continued, “But money isn’t the biggest thing — it’s about helping people be the best version of themselves. If that means pushing boundaries here and there, I’m fine with that.”

“Now you’ve made me curious,” I replied. “It sounds like something out of a movie. Can I see it?”

Mom blushed and sipped her coffee. “Sooner than you think.”

Our relationship changed forever on what should have been an ordinary day. She was about to leave for work and gave me a tender embrace before heading towards the door.

“Have a good day! Love you!” she said with a hug and a kiss, followed by a rub to my shoulder.

“Love you, too,” I replied.

There was anxiety on her face, but a twinkle in her eyes. It was the most conflicted expression I’d ever seen. I didn’t know what to think of it, but then again, everything was strange since the Neurolink project.

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Before leaving, her eyes glanced over to the living room table, then she left in a hurry. Was it a subconscious reflex? Was she hoping I’d look there? Or wouldn’t look? There was a lamp on that table and family photos in frames.

Could there be a sentimental reason? One of the pictures was of mom and me. The other picture was of mom with her parents. That must have been it, I thought, mom was probably going through some things and thought of her parents.

I went to the table and what I saw shocked me to the core.

A family picture was swapped for a nude photograph. Not just of any woman, but mom. I picked it up for a closer examination. I could tell the picture was taken recently, based on mom’s current haircut.

In the photograph, mom was naked, sitting on the living room couch, posing for whoever was taking the image. Her tits looked big. Her legs were spread with her hands resting on her knees and her posture was upright. There was satisfaction on her face, which showed that she was a willing participant.

This was bizarre. I had a difficult time understanding how the picture got there. She knew, she must have known — it was the reason she was acting strange that morning, and the reason her eyes drifted towards this photograph.

Perspective: The Mother
Sarah answered the door. It was her boss, a punctual woman who was always in control. They communicated through text messages to make sure that her son wasn’t home. Something like this needed strict privacy. Her son didn’t suspect a thing. No one in the lab suspected anything, either.

When the door closed, Sarah got naked while her boss remained dressed. Her outfit was neatly placed on the couch. Other days, it would be in various places, like a nearby table, or piled on the floor. The variety kept things lively.

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As usual, her pink nipples turned erect from the exposure. The sensations of doing something like this always felt new, despite her familiarity.

“How do you want me?” Sarah asked.

“I bought something for you. Place it on the living room table and sit on it. I think it will make for a marvelous photograph.”

The boss reached in her pocket and handed Sarah a wrapped gift. Unraveling it, Sarah discovered a dildo with a suction cup attached at the base so it could be placed anywhere.

Naked in the living room, Sarah attached the dildo to the table. She’d never used a sex toy before because she was always too embarrassed to buy one. Now that she had one in her possession, it was yet another opportunity to explore.

She lowered herself and was penetrated by the sex toy. The feeling was electric, as she hadn’t had sex in a while, and the boss snapped pictures. It was yet another new experience in their unorthodox relationship.

“Just like that,” the boss said. “Keep going. Up and down. You look like you’re enjoying yourself.”

“I always do.”

She fucked herself in the sanctity of her home. The camera was persistent, capturing everything, all her movements and facial expressions.

Approaching an orgasm, she kept her eyes on the camera. This was the new version of Sarah, the one that’s fearless and sexually liberated. The old Sarah would never dream of even showing a nipple to the camera.

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