Bengalee Film Queen 2

Time and again, she pushed the artificial cock in Swastika’s tight cunt…. allowing it in more than 10 inches inside. The horny singer-actress screamed with pleasure as the improvised stick buried deep into her crevice and bottomed out against her cervix. Her whole body started to convulse as the intense pleasure swept over her body.

“Ohhhhhh……bnara re… dhore rakhte parlam naaaaaa…,” Swastika screamed in joy.


The sudden burst of pleasure carried her whole body forward and both Gargi and Ramu became stunned when she bent over and took his dirty black cock into her mouth. The insatiable heroine devoured it while she hurried Gargidi’s hand to fuck her faster and harder with the plastic rod.

Gargi watched in awe as her conservative and well-mannered friend gagged on the lower-claas Adibasi guard’s dark cock like a common slut. Her mind couldn’t process that this was the same Swastika she’d known for so many years.

Even now she couldn’t digest her friend’s sluttish behaviour who she had acquainted with over being a decent actress in Tollygunge Film-Industry with full of loose women and outright whores. But then again, she felt that she herself was now exposed and on her knees inside a dirty closet.

Like a common whore, she herself was now rubbing her clit to the sight of her sweet friend climaxing with an old lower-claas dirty man’s dick between her lips. And woo….. what a sight it was, Swastika’s beautiful breasts were dangling and shaking with pleasure as she moaned loudly with a mouthful of black meat……still grinding her sloppy pussy on the rubber phallus as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

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The Adibasi guard, who was discarded slightly by his initial cautious approach, at last thanked Swastika for her boldness and depravity. Now he put his both hands on the back of the Bengal-famous singer-actress’s head and pushed her face against his pelvis. He forced her to swallow his whole dirty cock, with his fingers wrapping around the strands of her shampooed hair.

Suddenly the aged Santhali guard increased his thrusting and let out a short but powerful grunt as he began to shoot a hot load inside the glamourous actress Swastika Mukherjee’s mouth. The middle-aged actress’s cheeks filled with his salty seed and she tried her best not to waste the precious vitamin. She kept the Santhali’s musky cream securely full into her mouth.

At the same time, suddenly another quick orgasm was intensified by the pulsations of the Adibasi guard’s black meat between her lips. Few minutes later slowly she tried to straighten herself and catch her breath still in her bending position, as Ramu’s limp cock sliding out of her mouth. A clear string of cum was dangling from the Tolly beauty’s lower lip.

With a muffled whimper, Swastika turned to her older friend who was still down on her knees. She was breathing heavily and playing with her clit, completely immersed in the warm daze of pleasure from the incredible orgasm she had just experienced. She stood above her friend in complete silence…..her lips were sealed and a few clear drops of Ramu’s semen were resting over them.

However, the five inches handle of Ramu’s night stick was sticking out of her battered cunt while the rest ten inches still buried inside. She looked at Gargi….and took her face in her hands. She then made her lean back as she caressed her right cheek for a moment. After that her thumb found Gargi’s red lipstick coated inviting lips and parted them with ease.

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Gargi noticed her younger friend’s mouth approaching hers and readied herself for a kiss. Her beautiful dark eyes widened as Swastika stopped just a couple of inches from her and opened her lips. She then released the hefty load of the Adibasi guard’s cum into her mouth which she’d been saving for her. Without really understanding why, Gargi opened her own mouth wider and welcomed the viscous gift inside her mouth.

“Oh Bhagwaban, salar magigulor ki ghenna pitti bole kichu nei…kibhabe amar nongra phyadagulo khachche…,” With his dirty limp cock still hanging out of his fly, the luckiest guard gasped incredulously as he remarked about the filthy behaviour of the two famous Tolly heroines.

The older celeb stood up and kissed Swastika, as the two gorgeous Bengalee actresses shared the lower-claas Adibasi guard’s cum with each other in a sloppy and ardent kiss.

“Oh it’s fantastic, I will never forget this moment. I still can’t believe…” Ramu gasped in acute disbelief as he couldn’t digest the sluttish attitude of the great Tolly celebrities.

He was unable to finish the sentence when Swastika turned to him and opened her mouth wide to show his semen. He could easily see his gobs of cum mixing with their saliva in her mouth which she and Gargi had been snowballing for the last couple of minutes.

“Is this really happening” the lower-claas old guard was still in a bewildering state as the slutty actress-singer closed her lips and swallowed his cum with one big gulp…..something his own wife wouldn’t even do for him. Then, like a little girl does after taking her medicine, she stuck out her tongue to prove there was nothing left.

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“So… are we free to go now Ramuda?” Swastika winked at the guard as she smeared Gargi’s red lipstick on her lips which was ruined during their sexual escapades.

“Uh, yeah,  uh, I…….of course.” The puzzled Santhali guard started stammered in a trance.

“Thank you, Ramuda!” The beautiful Bengalee newscaster cum singer cum actress Gargi Roychowdhury smiled before kissing him on the cheek. She then pulled out his rubber dong from Swastika’s cunt and placed it in his hand. He took the pussy-juices coated glossy baton as the two gorgeous Tolly Queens walked out of the closet keeping him in a dreamy state.

To Be Continued……

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