Bengalee Film Queen 2

“Don’t you feel so much safer now Gargidi…while Ramuda is guarding us?” Swastika asked fixing her eyes at Ramu.

“Uh-huh…yes…..yessss… ” the famous Tollygunge diva moaned obediently as her younger friend tapped her swollen ‘hood’ with her fingertips.


“Can I…I…. tou….touch you Didimoni?” the aged Adibasi stammered nervously, reaching out for the retired TV newscaster bulging chest.

Swastika’s middle finger at that moment slipped inside Gargi’s cunt as she whispered in her ear, “Well Gargidi…..can he? As I think we shouldn’t deprive our protector.”

“Mm-hmm…ohhhhhh…..yessss……,” the gorgeous Tolly heroine moaned softly, melting in Swastika’s hands.

Soon, the guard’s dirty and rough hands were all over on the participant of onetime famous soap opera “Sisirer Sabdo Sona Jai”. He cupped and kneaded her soft flesh…..rolling her tiny and hard nipples between his rugged fingers.

Swastika continued to finger-fuck her friend’s soaking cunt from behind as she kissed up and down her smooth neck. The dual attacks from Swastika and Ramu made her shiver in uncontrollable passion. Swastika smiled as her fingernails traced the curves in Gargidi’s large ass….. all the way down to the space between her butt cheeks.

“Mmm, look… look….Gargidi! Ramuda is so excited and hard for us already!” Swastika exclaimed in perverted joy as she moved her hand towards his crotch. Quickly she grabbed the guard’s cock through his dirty pant and started rubbing the huge bulge growing under his cheap pants, “Let’s give him a little show Gargidi.”

“A show…..what do you mean?” Gargi panted before Swastika made her way around and knelt in front of her.

Feeling the younger actress’s hands travel up her thighs, Gargi’s body responded by leaning back into the wall. She instantly widened her milk-white smooth legs, allowing access to her shaven mound and pink pussy.

In a matter of seconds, the kinky singer-actress made her older friend moaning and writhing with pleasure. Kneeling in front of Gargi, Swastika kissed her beautiful shaved pussy lovingly. She began to lap it slowly and tenderly, forcing her friend to grab onto the dusty shelves to avoid falling on top of her.

“Ohhhhhh…..Ma….Mago…..Swastika re, ki bhalo lagche Ahhhhhh…….  choso..choso….amar gudta kamre kheye fyal re magi!” Gargi moaned using some vulgar bengali ‘khisti’ as her strong thighs straddled Swastika’s face. A mix of spit and her pussy-juices was dripping from Swastika’s chin as she used both her tongue and fingers to drive her wild.

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“Oh Gudmaranir Khanki re! Oh Bhagwaban! Chos Khanki….chuse chuse amar guder chaal-bakla tule deeeee….Saali !!!” Gargi continued her grunting and throwing common bengali khisti ( obscene, vulgar words normally used by 3rd class loafers ), as she rubbed her moist mound over Swastika’s nose and mouth.

It was oblivious to the old Santhali man as he was stroking his cock furiously just a couple of feet from the two famous gorgeous Tolly heroines. Suddenly, the horny singer-actress stopped her lapping and got back on her feet.

“What….. are you…going to do,” Suddenly interrupted by Swastika’s lapping on her pussy, Gargi said in a disappointed tone.

But Swastika had another intention as she jumped over to Gargi like a hungry lioness, squeezing her large breasts while drilling two fingers up her soaked pussy. Gargi gasped, then screamed with pleasure as Swastika pushed two fingers deeper into her crevice. She bent forward from the intense sensations burning within her from Swastika’s exploration.

She then slipped her hand between Swastika’s milky thighs and reciprocated the hard finger-fucking she was getting from her. She herself buried her own perfectly-manicured fingers into Swastika’s dripping cunt. The two horny Bengalee heroines kissed passionately and caressed each other adoringly, while their fingers brought each other closer and closer to climax.

Trembling and yelping, Gargi rocked her hips hard and fast as she rode Swastika’s thrusting fingers. Her beautiful dark eyes began to rapidly flutter and the rest of her body shook uncontrollably on Swastika’s steady hand. Swastika tried to hold her in place as her cunt spasmed on her fingers and her juices washed over her wrist.

“Ohhhhhh……Swastika re ar parlam na….amar jalta khose gelo. Ah Bhagwaban ki aaram… tripti…” Gargi faintly panted right after her climax that had swept through her.

Removing her fingers from Swastika’s pussy after some time, she held on her neck like a shipwreck victim does to a piece of floating wood. Swastika also gently pulled her fingers out, eliciting a soft whimper from her ‘Didilike’ friend, who was still twitching and gasping for air.

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“Now it’s your turn Gargidi,” Swastika said, pushing Gargi down in front of her.

Still wobbly and out of breath, the well-known Bengalee diva complied with her wishes and dove face deep into Swastika’s snatch. She began licking her younger ‘sister-like’ friend’s wet cunt lips with soft, slow strokes of her tongue, tasting her overflowing pussy juices as Swastika did so to her few moments ago. She slid between her puffy pussy lips and began licking voraciously up and down. She let her eager tongue rest inside Swastika’s sweet opening and collected her lubrication before going back up and lapping at her tiny, hard clit.

“How am I doing Swastika darling?” Gargi asked smilingly, taking a quick pause to look up at her.

“You look so sexy on your knees Gargidi,” Swastika praised her.

She then bent down slightly and brushed her hair out of the way before kissing her softly on the lips and quickly nudging her head towards her pussy so that she could get back to work. While Gargi continued to eat her leaking cunt, Swastika signaled the Santhali guard to come forward with her finger. Ramu smiled happily and he moved towards the slutty actress as his jet-black dirty cock dangled obscenely between his legs.

As soon as Ramu got within Swastika’s range, she immediately reached out for his swinging snake. The guard’s meaty rod was as average and unappealing as the rest of him but that did not matter to the excited Swastika at that moment. Because an overwhelming thirst had been swelling inside her since the moment she had seen Satabdi Roy and Koel’s husband Nilay in one of the bathroom in an intimate condition.

From that moment she felt to be quenched her growing lust right then and there, with anyone or anything. And so, now the lascivious singer-actress spat on her hand and stroked the Adibasi guard’s dirty cock vehemently. Even she offered her delicious breasts to him for suck with a quick nod and then looked down at her stroking hand.

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Without losing a bit, the old dirty man started sucking on the beautiful Tolly heroine’s amazing tits, causing the slutty celeb to moan. Trembling by the sucking of his rough tongue’s on her boobs, Swastika started grinding her pussy against Gargidi’s face as she got closer and closer to her rising climax.

But somehow all of that wasn’t enough for Swastika. As the Santhali guard continued to fondle her sweaty bust, she noticed his black night stick hanging from his waist. A wicked smile appeared on her lips as she took it out of the belt and admired it’s length and girth for a moment.

“Use this,” Swastika told her older friend, tapping the rubber object against her cheek.

“What do you want?” She looked up at her being confused.

“Suck it, you filthy slut!” Swastika ordered, shoving the stick into her mouth.

Hesitant but docile, Gargi wrapped her lips around the rubber phallus, looking up at Swastika. Swastika pushed down the rubber stick further, forcing the kneeling actress to gag on it. She stared down with a satisfied grin and rotated the long stick inside Gargi’s mouth with one hand while still stroking the guard’s cock with the other.

“Now fuck me with it!” Highly excited Swastika yelled as she pushed up her pelvis….thereby spreading her cunt lips and offering her cunthole to Gargi.

With an unsure hand, the sophisticated Tolly actress Gargi Roychowdhury grabbed the now slippery rubber dong and carefully pushed it in Swastika’s heavily wet cunt hole.

“Ahhhhhh….oh Leora re…..!” Swastika groaned as the long plastic object entered her cunt slowly…. sending a delicious shiver through her whole body.

“Do you….. do you like it Swastika?” Gargi asked with a bit of concern, cautiously taking it out and then putting it back in a little bit further.

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